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April 21, 2021

10 rings of warner hypocrisy

10 rings of warner hypocrisy


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escape reality comics podcast show, a podcast where we discuss all things nerdy, geeky, fandon and so much more. We will cover everything from what's happening in the world comic shows and fandom to the hard hitting stories, the news today. Now, here's your host, Chad and Kevin. Hello, welcome to Escape Reality Comics Podcast Show. I'm your host, Chad with my co host, Kevin. Kevin, your finally back from your sick day, I'm back. Yes, I'm back. Oh my god. Yeah, it was. I had that second vaccination. So that's, I just wanted to stay low. Oh, man. So today's title is this is the best title. I love this title. 10 rings of Warner hypocrisy. We'll repeat that title again. The title today is going to be 10 rings of Warner hypocrisy. frickin love it. Oh my god, the best title ever. Thank you, Kevin. So your your Well, I mean, we're going to talk today about you know what's going on with Star Wars, so they have a remake coming out. We're gonna talk about Shang-Ci and the legend of 10 rings. The new MCU movie is going to come out of course, we have to talk about that. And we're also gonna be talking about what's going on with Ray Fisher and Warner media. So first thought of the day is gonna be what Knights of the Old Republic remake. Dude, this is gonna be awesome. I can't wait for it. I've been wanting to play this game for a long time. I haven't played but I want to play it. Yeah, if it's a remake it'll be it'll be awesome. Because I can't imagine a game with like new just new everything for this. I think it was for sure ahead of his time because it a lot of the writers that was over there at Bioware they were like hire them for the movies. Like what the heck are you guys doing? And so it was that? Well praise back What? 2003 when it came out, I loved it on the Xbox that came in on the original Xbox. And for a little while there during that time. I was like, maybe I don't need any other video game system because Yeah, I had Halo Halo. What else what you know, that was exclusive on there. And then when they did not sell the Old Republic. So yeah, if it's any indication for a remake, I'm looking forward to this. I can't, I wanted I wanted to play this game. I remember this first came out and I wanted to play so bad. But I had a PlayStation at the time. So I could not play this game at all. And I've been wanting to play it, but I just kind of forgot about it. And then I saw the store like Dude, I can't wait for it. Like frickin hopefully they have it for everything. But yes, they do. And for the for those of you that don't know what this is Knights of the Old Republic, it was. It was a role playing like single player game and had different branching paths. And you can do like, light and dark side choices. You had like three different classes you can choose from. It was like, it was in depth. It was crazy for its time. Because it took what 100 hours at least to beat the game if you wanted to get everything done. Yeah, yeah. So this game is right up my alley too. Because I love the whole. That's kind of like the whole Fallout thing, right? You get to pick your your path, what you want to do and all that stuff. I've always wanted to play this game. Because of that you can like you can pick the dark side. And with the white light side, you can go your own ways. I haven't played it. So correct me if I'm wrong, but I yeah, it the branches stuff. This was way ahead of its time, like I've been saying a million times. But yeah, like even Bioware after doing this game, it was so popular. I think on the original Xbox alone, it sold over a million copies. So it was very popular. And then when they started porting it over to other stuff. They got like an itch to keep making this kind of game. So a lot of the Bioware team started doing Mass Effect games. Yes. So yeah, because of pride because of how much fun these guys had. You know, they're like, let's make mass Mass Effect. So it's kind of like a spiritual successor. If you think about it. Yeah, the Mass effect was a very good game. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they didn't make them what three of those that Bioware did themselves. But yeah, yeah, this, this will be great if they do a new one. So very, very nice. So we're gonna move on to something we want to talk about at least I want to talk about I got goosebumps seeing this trailer, the Shang-Ci and the Legend of the 10 Rings. I love this whole thing. They're doing it right. So it's coming out September 3 of this year. And the best thing about it is the first Asian lead in the MCU so far. I mean, he's the very first one. So this is going to be exciting. I saw the trailer and guess who I noticed on the trailer? Who is that? So you remember when spider man came out and all this like this short bearded did was he was like the hot dog vendor. Looks like Hey, who are you in Spider Man? He's like I'm Spider Man. Do flip Spider Man. And he does a flip on the roof. Like I didn't even recognize he was in the trailer. Yeah, he was the trailer for saying, gee, dude, he was out there and saying he was doing his kung fu thing. And he turns around, it's that same dude from the hot dog. He was the hot dog vendor. It was he was like, oh, they're just epic. I was like, dude, there he is. I just laughed when I first thought. But yeah, so that's first come, it's coming out as September 3 of this year. So a lot of people are asking, like who is Shang-Ci because Shang-Ci isn't really that big of a character. So Shang-Ci is known as the master of kung fu and the brother hand, he was born in China, his father and trainers. Kung was excuse me, his training his Fu-Manchu, he was another well known comicbook character, right? But get this Fu-Manchu picked, Shang-Ci mother, for her genetics, and only that, so? There you go. So he was actually as soon as he was born, he was raised and trained in infancy in the art of Kung Fu. His whole life was engrossed in Kung Fu. So saying she believed his father was a big humanitarian, but soon found out he was an evil villain. But yeah, so the cast is going on the cast of who's playing Shang-Ci is, Simu Liu. I hope I got this right. Simu Liu. I'm gonna say this again. So he's a Canadian actor. He's a writer and a stunt man. So when I first when I saw stunt man, like, although he got this, oh, the other thing great thing about him. He's actually when he was a small child, small child, excuse me when it in his young life, I have to say, I don't know how old he is. But in his own life, he actually he knows Taekwondo. He knows wing chun and he was in gymnastics also. So I thought that was pretty cool. So when I saw that, and then the person who's playing Katy is actually Awkwafina I thought it was a weird name. And I looked up, she's a rapper, dude. Back in 2012, her biggest hit was My Vag. I liked it. I saw them. I saw the music video. I was like, Okay, okay, you know, great. But she also played in sisu and Raya and the Last Dragon. So she was actually she voiced the dragon on that movie. So it was really good. And one thing I saw that I really liked was Ben Kingsley. Who's he might be coming back, he actually played the fake Mandalorian and Iron Man three. So barely. He's on the cast list. So. Okay, yeah, so who knows what's gonna happen with this? I don't know if he's gonna be like, like, short little appearances here and there. Or he's gonna come back and just be that defeated actor. Who knows, but I'm kinda excited to see see all this. I can't wait for this to come out. So it's really cool. Yeah, the trailer, I guess, is just a teaser trailer. So I guess since we got a couple of months, they're probably gonna at least have one or two more exact official trailers and there's gonna be a lot of details surprise show. There's a part of me, I haven't talked to you off the podcast about a bit how I feel. I hope that is not 100% tied to the next. MCU's plan. I just maybe hopefully this is just gonna be set in that same universe. I you know, I mean, like, I don't know if I'm explained that well, but I just hope that it even though they're referencing the hotdog stand guy, that's maybe it, but you know, it's all gonna be the same universe. What I understand of anyways, it looks fun, though. It just looks like a classic kind of kung fu movie. Well, I think I'm gonna bring him I don't know who's gonna be the next villain, but Shang-ci can actually stand to the toe to toe with God's so he, I mean, he's a non super powered hero. And he actually stand toe to toe with God's. So who really knows what's gonna happen with this character? I'm excited to see where they're gonna go with it. Of course, I think they're gonna use him again. Because why would they put on a movie without using them again, because they even use like Ant Man and all that stuff. And an Ant Man who seemed to be at the time a very small part was actually a huge part at towards the end of endgame. So who knows what's gonna happen with this? Yeah, yeah, well, I don't know why I still get I'm getting vibes of Dr. Strange still. So you know, maybe they'll try to tie it in that way like Dr. Strange is watching him you know, like there could be a lot of interesting angles on that, but we'll see. Well, I know Dr. strang is supposed to show up with Spider Man movie coming up the next the new one. Host Oh, really? Yeah. So he's supposed to be a play part. I don't know exactly. Why. What is it? What party is supposed to play but I'm pretty sure all three Spiderman's gonna come up and meet because there's been rumors of they're seeing the original spider man forgot this actors. Name Tobey Maguire. Tobey Maguire, thank you Jesus Christ. They saw Tobey Maguire where show up and and set so who knows what's gonna happen with that? Yeah, I read about that long time ago. Yeah, he might be. He might be on the something here. I know I'm on to something here. I know. But yes, I am super excited to see what's going on with this mixture of comedy and a whole bunch of action. I it's gonna be awesome. I'm just gonna say. So. Now get take a little break and have a word of our sponsors. So you ready for this one, Kevin? I'm ready. Are you ready? So here we go. Ready? Here we go. Oh, what? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop buying a huge stack of business sorry, the whole rap thing got me. Step Stop. Stop buying a cards that huge stack of business cards that you are going to either lose or throw away. get with the times and get yourself a one time buy unlimited use digital business card that you can share right on someone's phone with out downloading any apps. Get yourself a popl, your wallet will thank you share your business links, social media links, phone numbers, emails and what have you use our code ERCOMICS to save 20% on your purchase. That was fun. All, Alrighty. It's so hard not to go with the beat with that. With that whole thing. You told yourself before we did this. I can't I'm gonna be good about this. I can't rap this out. I can't rap this out. I can't rap it out. I just can't rap it. You know, it'd be it'd be really bad if I can just go back and restart the music and start rapping it. I mean, I don't know. What, what, what, what? Popl Popl Popl stop buying a huge stack of business cards that you're going to lose. I'm sorry, I probably for I lost like our one listener out there. I'm sorry, man. I'm not gonna do that again. My so huh, Ray Fisher apparently is outraged with Warner media. So this is gonna be interesting. So back in the past, we all know about what happened with Josh. We didn't know Ray Fisher. If you don't know who Ray Fisher is he's the one actually in Cyborg in the Justice League. So because of Derek Chauvin verdict, he was found guilty in the George Floyd case. thank by the way side note, thank. Thank God, that happened. The right thing actually happened. I was excited when I first heard this. I remember my wife telling me that she busted out in tears. Because finally, finally, finally, you know, a cop gets his dues. A bad cop gets his dues finally. So that's just my side. No, I don't know how you feel about it. Kevin but bro. The verdict was was fast. So Oh, yeah. Yeah, they kind of you know my wife even as well. She got nervous about it. She's What do they have a verdict so fast? But no, it was awesome that? Yeah, I was. I was jumped for joy. When I first heard this. I was like, thank God. Thank God. So Warner because of the George Floyd case and the guilty verdict. warnermedia did release a statement on Twitter. So this is what their whole twit. The whole twit, though is they put out so the work continues. Well, this verdict does bring doesn't bring back those we've so wrongly lost. We know that it brings us closer to significant change, re reaffirm our commitment to be part of the solution by using our platform content and resources to advance racial equity and social justice. So they send this out on a twit and Ray Fisher replied this way. How effing dare you. Oh, now I'm pissed. So yeah, exactly. So I guess Fisher refuses to work with Warner media until he receives a formal apology for how he's treated. Assuming that was with the director, Joss Whedon, you know, which the details of what happened hasn't been released? I don't think it will. To be honest. I know Ray Fisher was under contract to basically keep his mouth shut about it. So who knows what's gonna happen with that? Yeah, it's it's obvious that they had to put something out. But the hypocrisy is, is Oh, it's it's amazing. It's terrible. And the retweets and the tweets that people are putting out right after that. It's funny. I'm laughing more than then anything because it's just, you know, they obviously like I said, they felt like they had to put something out there. But yeah, yeah. foot in the mouth. I think. Yeah, they had to be foot in the mouth. Big time because, I mean, I don't know what Joss Whedon said to him to Ray Fisher. But it had to be bad. It had to be bad. It had to be racial racially involved they had to be racially motivated excuse me, and I don't know dude, if Ray Fisher saying this like how effing dare you to basically the statement Warner media put out I mean, to me, it's you know, that's that speaks a lot of words right there. That's, that's a lot. Yeah. And I think for him to originally have to even say anything's ridiculous. And yeah, it's it's amazing to see kind of the how it develops and how much you know, there was a one one image here I saw on Twitter of the execs and now that we have a hashtag I stand stand with Ray Fisher Yes, so a lot a lot of people are upset and feeling him they're there on his side so Jesus Christ so we got an email dude I Oh, we did Yeah, we did. So you know, we post I posted this meme about about small details what Marvel Universe is doing right so it shows about was that the 10 rings Shang-ci and the legend the 10 rings that's coming out right so I posted a meme on our Facebook. And then we got a nice little email back about what happened so it shows them, the meme shows is the All hail the king you know, Iron Man three shows that 10 ring whole background. It's basically just a round circle with 10 rings around it in some people's tattoos is on flags and all stuff. Well throughout the whole franchise, you get to see these 10 rings and they're small they're small, very small details. So like it's Iron man three you saw somebody wear it on as a tattoo of it on their forearm, and then you have it seen when Tony Stark on the original Iron Man gets kidnapped and see the 10 ring, you know, flag in the background and seal on it was the ant man's little 10 ring deal on his neck for one guy I guess he's like a lawyer or something like that. And then you see it again on the Shang-ci movie coming out. And Dude, I got this nice little thing. And there's the prove people that it's an actual email we actually shred'em and all that stuff. So I got an email for you hear it so. So the email says from Michael says, I mean, everyone already saw that which made it worse when and fake Mandarin challenges arch Nemesis from the comics. This new movie just feels like a soft apology. So take that as you will. I didn't think of it that way. Until he said that was like, Oh, yeah, I guess it is an apology movie. So just to save your guys's info or make sure nothing going out. So no one steals your identity. When you email us. We rip it and then we throw it away and we shred it. So you know that your identity safe with us. So thank you very much, Michael. So that is all the time we have today. I hope you guys have a nice night. A nice morning wherever you listen to this podcast when you're drinking that coffee to that big ol glass of wine. You bet the drink of the day or in my case, some beer. You guys have a nice night and have a nice day. Bye Bye. Have a good one. Thank you for listening to ER Comics podcast show. Tell us how we did. You can let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik tok and YouTube. Just search for E.R. Comics.