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April 25, 2021

Bonus: Chad's Rant about Mortal Kombat Movie

Bonus: Chad's Rant about Mortal Kombat Movie

**SPOILER WARNING** If you haven't seen the new Mortal Kombat Movie go watch and come back.


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Hello, this is Chad from Escaper Reality Comics and this is Chad's rant. This segment is about me Chad ranting about basically anything. This rant is about Mortal Kombat, the new movie that just came out. Well, this is more like a review. Don't get me wrong. My expectations were low in the first place. Because for some odd reason, Video game movies have been terrible. The writing is usually subpar, and they seem to hurry in the movie to get the action scenes in sacrificing character development. Well, unfortunately, the new Mortal Kombat movie was no different. Don't get me wrong, the start was awesome. I have to admit, I was thinking maybe, just maybe this was going to be different. And this could possibly shatter my expectations. But my hopes quickly got shattered within 30 minutes of the movie. They basically were in a hurry to fight because they had to. Yes, they did cover if they lose the tournament, their world will be conquered and they would be slaves. Okay, great. But for fans to fall in love with the movie, there has to be character development a nice steady pace at the end. That makes sense. But we should not be speed race to get all the action in and forget the storyline. The movie felt like it was a get rich quick scheme that wasted Mortal Kombat fans this time. It's not the 80s anymore, guys. fans want tangible storyline that makes sense and something that we can get behind, not mindless fist beating on someone's face just because on site. The movie had multiple effect issues with the wardrobe, the props, and the environment. The End felt like the staff were done, and then take the time to hide certain errors in the movie, especially when had Scorpion return at the end, which would have been awesome. But it didn't make any sense. It left you with many questions. Why did he just show up? How did he just show up? All we knew is that he just wanted revenge. I can live without the tournament feel it the movie made sense but it didn't it. My final thoughts are this. They are going to continue with this fast paced writing without making any sense. We don't want to sequel to Mortal Kombat. Video Game movies need to be better. It's sad when a franchise like Mortal Kombat has to compete with Sonic the Hedgehog. But honestly, Sonic the Hedgehog staff actually listened to their fans. We didn't like the first Sonic this horrible fur rat human thing that looked frankly awful. But they changed Sonics looks when the fans complained and the end result was a good children film that fans actually enjoyed. That's your competition. If you can't match or surpass that, then scrap every video game movie and let it die.